Tarot Reading Session


Tarot Readings to reveal one’s life challenges and answer the unanswered questions!


Tarot as my teacher calls it is a mirror to your soul.

Tarot is an in depth subject and my own journey and experience stems from working with various oracle decks and scrying with the cards and connecting with what’s important for the receiver psychically. This led me to study Tarot under Avril Price at the College of Psychic Studies using primarily the Rider Waite deck and learnt to provide insights and understanding based on common knowledge of the cards.

I now marry these two approaches together in my own style to reveal causality of one’s life challenges and answer the unanswered questions!

Tarot never fails to amaze me how it just works and gives you what you need if you like it or not.

In terms of divination I found I could read tea leaves, fire, water and Clouds. My favourite is to read the clouds in the sky particularly around full moon when you can sit down on Eastbourne sea front and watch the clouds pass over the moon and I can read them in the sky and off the sea. I can also pour you a cup of tea from my Thermos!

I love to break up my healing sessions with readings and to provide insight into how to transform your life.

Healing Sessions
Sessions are either in my healing sanctuary at Eastbourne or in Central London Therapy Rooms opposite the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand. It is an extra £30 per session for room hire in London.
I offer refreshments and cloakroom facilities in Eastbourne and London.
I can travel to your private residence or office. If this is a requirement let's discuss.
We can also work over zoom for all healing modalities including crystal healing.
For all treatments you remain fully clothed apart from removing your shoes for Reiki and Crystal Healing.
Here are some suggested packages. All can be tailored before or during the sessions based on need.


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