Intuitive Counselling Session


I have a gift of bringing light to the most difficult of circumstances and give the right information to guide the sitter in their present situation.


I am clairsentient, meaning that I am able to feel into a situation intuitively to gain clarity. I can liken it to a movie reel playing in my mind. As these messages can often be cryptic it is essential that I have a dialogue with the sitter to playback the information I receive psychically of from loved ones in spirit. The more we are in tune with each other, the greater the insight I can provide.

My approach is to deliver information with compassion, as well as integrity and honesty which are the foundations of my work.

I trained at the College of Psychic Studies for 7 years with various teachers but the majority with the famous psychic medium, Gerrie March.

Healing Sessions
Sessions are either in my healing sanctuary at Eastbourne or in Central London Therapy Rooms opposite the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand. It is an extra £30 per session for room hire in London.
I offer refreshments and cloakroom facilities in Eastbourne and London.
I can travel to your private residence or office. If this is a requirement let's discuss.
We can also work over zoom for all healing modalities including crystal healing.
For all treatments you remain fully clothed apart from removing your shoes for Reiki and Crystal Healing.
Here are some suggested packages. All can be tailored before or during the sessions based on need.


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