Crystal Healing Session


Crystal healing shifts energy, heals ancient wounds and inspires day to day living.


I have always been drawn to these incredible pieces of nature ‘crystals’.

It would be foolhardy to reproduce or ever summarise all the information about crystals and how they can heal and empower us. They can interpreted through the scientific, the occult and the spiritual. There is a lot of misinformation and conjecture that can be confusing. Fundamentally Its a tool for healing and transformation that is colourful and beautiful. It is a multifaceted and it will shift energy, heal ancient wounds and a fantastic natural way of treating the problems created by the stress of everyday modern living.


It is a completely natural treatment where crystals act as magnets to rectify levels of positivity and negativity within the body, thus removing blockages, enabling harmony, health and balance. It is safe and simple and also compatible with other forms of treatment. You will not need to remove any clothing except your shoes, but you will be required to relax and to answer a few confidential questions about your medical history, current state of health, occupation and lifestyle in order to receive the full benefit of this crystal experience.


In each session I will using different stones and placements using a combination of pragmatism and a large dose of intuition from experience with assistance from spirit. For all people I have ever worked on they can feel the energy, power and a shift, that is where we focus our efforts.

Healing Sessions
Sessions are either in my healing sanctuary at Eastbourne or in Central London Therapy Rooms opposite the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand. It is an extra £30 per session for room hire in London.
I offer refreshments and cloakroom facilities in Eastbourne and London.
I can travel to your private residence or office. If this is a requirement let's discuss.
We can also work over zoom for all healing modalities including crystal healing.
For all treatments you remain fully clothed apart from removing your shoes for Reiki and Crystal Healing.
Here are some suggested packages. All can be tailored before or during the sessions based on need.


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