Bereavement / Next Life Session


Transform your fears or pain around death that prevent you from fully living.

Bereavement examines why loved ones or anyone for that matter passed the way they did and the significance to you and your life. While it is not always possible to get direct spirit contact with the departed I can usually attune to them and provide greater understanding and can provide answers to unanswered questions in life. A session could also be to understand if the person in spirit is ok now they have passed and what were the important events in their life and what they learnt on the earth plane.

The Next Life session usually has two parts to it with the sitter requiring one or the other but the session can be mixed based on what comes up.

It is very common for people to have a fear of dying so much so, it gets in the way of the living. This can happen to younger people, the terminally ill or older people. If they understand that once they pass and leave the physical body it is not all over, in fact quite the contrary. In many cases I can find friends or relatives in spirit that can identify themselves and confirm they will meet the sitter when it is time for them to go. This gives the sitter peace and a sense of well being that the light is not simply switched off and rather they will be in safe hands when they pass.

Others worry about what their life’s purpose is or soul contract. I gather knowledge about your current life’s purpose, understand any karma you may benefit from healing in this lifetime so you can understand or assimilate it in the next life to evolve. You may like to learn who in your current life has given you your biggest lessons. What understanding or skills can you embed within your conscious memory to prepare for the next or to gather information about the world around you to bring back to your current life. As always, you will receive what is needed as life holds good and bad memories so I bring through the positive to bring greater clarity for your soul to personally evolve.

Talking about dying for most people can be challenging although it is really the only outcome we can rely on! My approach is to deliver information with compassion, as well as integrity and honesty which are always the foundations of my work.

Healing Sessions
Sessions are either in my healing sanctuary at Eastbourne or in Central London Therapy Rooms opposite the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand. It is an extra £30 per session for room hire in London.
I offer refreshments and cloakroom facilities in Eastbourne and London.
I can travel to your private residence or office. If this is a requirement let's discuss.
We can also work over zoom for all healing modalities including crystal healing.
For all treatments you remain fully clothed apart from removing your shoes for Reiki and Crystal Healing.
Here are some suggested packages. All can be tailored before or during the sessions based on need.


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