healing journey

“Thornesson is a very powerful, patient and generous healer. Together with his mediumship, mastery of reiki and energetic systems and added knowledge of crystals, he is able to deliver a truly unique treatment which is profoundly healing, regenerative and empowering. A must – a truly mind blowing experience!” – Corinne

Healing Sessions

Experience the benefits & profound transformation that healing can bring into your life today.

Bespoke Packages

Dive deeper into self discovery, break through old patterns and step into what your Soul is here to do.

30 mins Intuitive Counselling + 40 mins Reiki

40 mins Crystal Healing Chakra Balance + 20 mins Reiki

30 mins Crystal Aura Charge + 40 mins Intuitive Counselling

20 mins Intuitive Counselling + 15 mins Tarot + 35 mins Crystal - Heal Male Energy and Charge

30 mins Intuitive Counselling + 30 mins Crystal - Heal Female Energy and Charge + 30 mins Tarot

30 mins Intuitive Counselling + 30 mins Reiki Psychic Surgery + 20 mins Crystal Energy Balance

30 mins Intuitive Counselling + 40 mins Crystal Chakra Balance + 20 mins Transformation Tarot Spread

15 mins Guided Meditation + 40 mins Guide Connection / Soul Contract + 35 mins Crystal Healing with Reiki

30 mins Intuitive Counselling + 30 mins Crystal Bowl Sound Healing + 30 mins Tarot Spread

“Life changing, very emotional but felt amazing and totally recharged.”


35, NHS Nurse

“I felt recharged afterwards & cleared lots of the emotional feeling & improved mood.”


Clinical Trials

“Amazed by the whole experience and I feel completely refreshed, cleansed and uplifted.”



About Me

This spiritual work that I do is my ‘soul contract‘ on this earth plane. It is the reason I am here and gives me purpose and fulfilment in life, the universe and everything.

7 years training with
famous psychic medium, Gerrie March

REIKI MASTER trained WITH Michael Kaufmann

Studied Tarot under Avril Price at the College of Psychic Studies 

Studied Crystal Healing with Valerie Pitts