Awakening Package


An Awakening Package to inspire evolution and balance the female and male energies within you.

Ideally we have the three sessions all in a calendar month or shorter based on need.


First Session - 70 mins
20 min intuitive Counselling (understanding any blockages)
15 min Tarot - basic three card spread
35 min Crystal - Heal Male Energy and charge


Second  Session - 90 mins
30 min - Intuitive counselling (how to remove the blockages)
30 min -  Heal Female Energy and Charge
30 min - Celtic Cross Tarot Spread


Third  Session - 80 mins
30 min - Intuitive Counselling
30 min - Reiki psychic surgery (what do we need to remove?)
20 min - Crystal energy balance


Healing Sessions
Sessions are either in my healing sanctuary at Eastbourne or in Central London Therapy Rooms opposite the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand. It is an extra £30 per session for room hire in London.
I offer refreshments and cloakroom facilities in Eastbourne and London.
I can travel to your private residence or office. If this is a requirement let's discuss.
We can also work over zoom for all healing modalities including crystal healing.
For all treatments you remain fully clothed apart from removing your shoes for Reiki and Crystal Healing.
Here are some suggested packages. All can be tailored before or during the sessions based on need.


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