Enabling transformation & removing blockages

Using my intuition and connection with higher realms, I am able to disseminate what is really important for a person to transform.

My Vision
& Intention

I work with people who have life challenges, often spiritual blockages who want to transform and be happy on their own life path.

On my own spiritual journey I have explored many spiritual disciplines and styles of healing. I have a large toolbox of techniques and life experience at my disposal so I can adapt to what is harmonious and best for you.

Safe space to connect

I have walked the globe and met very interesting people on that journey. If I has one asset, I am able to identify with the human condition in each individual and find common ground. Without judgement, I am able to find a way forward in the most difficult blockages.

Committed to change

What I do know is that change cannot be a passing fancy, rather it is a journey of self-development where the majority of the work must be done by you, the client. The willingness to accept mistakes in the past must be accepted and understood in order to grow. The truth will never lie, acceptance is grace.

Focussed on evolution

My work is never whimsical, but rather a more focused, deeper exploration of what you really want and why? What is holding you back, what are your deepest fears and how can they be overcome?

I have the ability to understand what is needed right now for you to evolve.

Why work with me?

I am looking for direct outcomes of what you want to change and how to go about it. I am not just another psychic/coach/healer that is going to give you mysterious information about the future and you walk away left hanging. We deal with the present, with where you are and what you can do to change your course.

About Thornesson

I can provide information that you are unaware of, giving you the truth to live your truth. You can evolve so you can live to be content with yourself and others.

I am comfortable with difficult subjects like divorce, abuse, anxiety, bereavement and addiction; and how they can be understood. In addition to topics like relationships, finance and career. I blend the various skills and modalities I offer to provide continuous progression, understanding and personal evolution.

Many people are looking for a quick fix for spiritual growth, forgetting they own it to do the work. I am here to provide stepping stones for that journey.

I like using different modalities to build a picture and interpret common themes that make sense to you as you ultimately own the information and the desire to change. I hold space and create the possibility.